Planning and Zoning

Board Members

Chair - Travis VanOrden

  • Phone:

Vice Chair - Richard Jensen

  • Phone:

Secretary - Colleen Allen

  • Phone: 435-836-1303

Building Inspector - Eric Torgerson

  • Phone: 435-979-1279

Member - Dennis Hiskey

Member - Marion Chappell

Member - Julie Howard

Contact Information

  • Address: 18 S Main Loa, UT 84747
  • Phone: 435-836-1303
  • Planning & Zoning meetings are held 2nd & 4th Wednesday each month

Planning and Zoning Subdivision Requirements

Subdivision is allowed in Wayne County with the following requirements. 3 or less lots (total of 4 maximum including parent parcel)

  1. One acre minimum parcel unless in a unincorporated designated city boundary then the minimum is ½ acre.
  2. Engineered survey
  3. Letter of water approval from the nearest city/town or an approved well permit.
  4. Waste water feasibility study – Board of Health – 435 896-5451 Utah Admin Code R 317-4-4
  5. Road access
  6. Fire Marshal approval
  7. Proof of ownership
  8. Tax Clearance
  9. No more than 3 lots can be divided from a parcel
  10. Letter of approval or encroachment permit from Wayne County Road Department OR UDOT for additional use of road as well as any required impacts, studies or fees pertaining to the road.
  11. Letter of acknowledgment from Garkane Energy

There are additional requirements for a dedicated subdivision. (Can be any number of lots minimum size ½ ac )

  1. Road width 66 foot easement improved area 24 ft wide with 6 inches road base After 1 year County assumes road & will maintain but not improve it beyond it’s existing state Utah Code 72-3-103

  2. Cul de sac minimum 100 feet

  3. Dedicated Subdivision map 18 x 18

    Wayne County Zoning Ordinance, Updated and Adopted Jan 1, 2011

Forms and Applications

Roadless Area

P&Z 2010 Archived Ordinance

P&Z Ordinance 2011

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